We at Apex Motorcars not only want you to have a ear-to-ear grin when you take delivery of your new vehicle, we also want you to have complete peace of mind in knowing that your investment is protected from unforeseen repair expenses.  

People's Choice Warranty Ltd. is proud to have been providing that very peace of mind to Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1999!  Choose from our wide range of warranty terms and products; all with the security of additional insurance protection from the world's largest insurer Lloyd's Of London. 

We choose People's Choice as our preferred warranty provider due to their utmost professionalism with our clients, the straightforward claims process, their co-operation with franchise dealer service centers, and the general satisfaction our clients have given us through feedback.

Below is a general outline of what a People's Choice Warranty can cover; call or email for more in-depth information and additional coverages available.